Protecting healthcare workers from COVID-19 while providing urgent life-saving care to patients.


Join our GoFundMe campaign to provide AerosolShields directly to NHS staff!

Aerosol Protection in the

Clinical Setting

Join our GoFundMe campaign to provide AerosolShields directly to NHS staff!


Enhanced levels of personal PPE (when available) has helped in protecting the medical staff from the risk of contracting COVID-19 infection via respiratory secretions during airway management procedures. However, it can take up to seven minutes to correctly and safety apply full PPE from time of arrival. Recent changes to resuscitation guidelines to offer further protection may in fact delay medical staff from the early and urgent interventions on critically ill patients they are trained to provide.



We have developed AerosolShield, a tool for staff to rapidly form a workable protective barrier around a patient before carrying out life-saving procedures, wherever they are.


Our manufacturer already supplies NHS and armed forces around the world with medical isolation units.


The AerosolShield is a disposable, mini pop-up tent covering the patient patient’s head, neck and shoulder-level chest area with further coverage of the torso through an integrated drape. The deployed shield is optically clear and has self-closing access points, allowing medical staff to have easy line-of-sight hand access in and around the patient’s airway.


AerosolShield is significantly lighter and cheaper than hard box solutions, and is collapsible for easy transport, storage and disposal in standard yellow clinical waste bins.



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Airquee is Europe’s largest manufacturer of inflatables and associated stitched & welded products for the leisure, medical, humanitarian and FEC profession. AerosolShield is manufactured in the same location under the same conditions as other NHS-Supplied decontamination & Isolation products since 2011.

AerosolShield is a product of Campbell-Hill Ltd. St Austell, United Kingdom


International Freight Specialists Ligentia have come on board as our logistics partner to help us ship AerosolShields safely and quickly into the hands of NHS staff.

Ligentia are specialists in international freight forwarding and supply chain management delivering world-class freight solutions across a global network.

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