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Our mission is to save lives by providing healthcare workers, in the United Kingdom and internationally, with additional protection against air and aerosol-borne contagion such as COVID-19. We achieve this by containing the contamination threat immediately around the patient. This protects staff whilst enabling them to deliver the vital treatments that save people's lives.

Who we are

We are a group of clinicians and medical technology specialists who have come together to solve the problem of cross contamination during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Like many others we are appalled at how many clinical staff have been contracting Covid-19, despite their best efforts, with the most horrendous outcomes.


We are all connected via the University of Birmingham Medical Dental Schools and ITM, and the wider Birmingham Health Partners.


Over the course of 6 days we went from identifying the problem, through prototyping and testing, to taking orders for our product, the 'Shield' aerosol protection system.

Our mission is to save lives over profit, and so far all involved have done so at their own personal financial cost.


Should you need more information than is available on here, please do not hesitate to contact us.


For orders please telephone, email or use our webform.

Meet the team

Senior Fellow in Novel and Emerging Technology Design and Adoption; Board Adviser; Technology Review.

Matthew Campbell-Hill

Lead Designer

Co-Owner AerosolShield Ltd


Lead healthcare product development at Healthcare Technologies Institute & Director of co-dev /
market access

Richard L. Williams

Lead Product Developer

Dr Lydia Campbell-Hill.jpg

GP and use in primary
care settings.

Dr Lydia Campbell-Hill

Clinical Lead, Primary Care

Co-Owner AerosolShield Ltd


Ed Mallam

R&D Project Manager


Susan Williams

Office Manager

Proof of concept manufacturing and illustration services.

Richard Baker-Stevens

Design Assistant


Paige Ashcroft

Lead Sales Agent & Brand Manager, USA

North America sales and brand marketing.

Join our GoFundMe campaign to provide AerosolShields directly to NHS staff!

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